Australia's economy is majorly boosted through tourism. People from all over the world come for a taste of life down under. And I don't blame them when they're surrounded by such beauty! Here are some of my favourite locations in Australia.

The Twelve Apostles

Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

Claustral Canyon

Mt Tomah, NSW

Lord Howe Island

Tasman Sea (between Australia and New Zealand)

Glasshouse Mountains


Tasman Island

A forest in Tasman Island, Tasmania

Wave Rock

Western Australia

Uluru-Ayers Rock

Northern Territory
Haz clic aquí When living in another country, making friends can be tricky, let alone meeting potential partners. Australia’s laid-back energy and beautiful scenery, however, makes it the perfect place to meet new people and start dating. If you have just moved to Australia, here are some top tips for meeting people and finding love:
Be bold

Aussies are generally very friendly, laid back and willing to chat. Head to a local bar or café and try to strike up a conversation, whether with the guy behind the counter or the one next to you reading a newspaper. Greet them with a polite “How ya going?” You’ll probably find you end up chatting for a while and, who knows, you may even be pleasantly surprised by how much you have in common.

Get to know the locals

It’s a good idea to establish good relationships with your locals from the off. That way you will feel a part of the community and have access to a social network. This is a great way to meet new people, as you are likely to be introduced to their family and friends, and friends of friends – who knows who you may hit it off with?

Get active
Aussies are very sporty, and taking part in sporting activities can be an ideal way to meet someone. Get out on the waves together with your surfing buddy, go on a trek through the bush with a group of adventurers, or go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. These will be great bonding experiences and will give you plenty to talk about.

Go online

There are plenty of online opportunities, as well. By signing up to sites like Meet Up, you can find out about all sorts of activities and social groups that take place in your area. This is a good way to meet people with similar interests to yours.

If you’re looking for love but you’re uncertain about how it all works in Australia, there is also plenty of dating and relationship advice online when it comes to figuring out us Aussies.


If you’ve just moved to the land Down Under – whether for work, study, or simply as a personal choice – and you’re looking for someone to go out with, try out some of these tips and you should be meeting singles in no time.

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