To discover best of my beautiful country, you need to take a walk in the countryside, away from the city in where is the heart of Australia. One of the most known and finest australian walks is the Larapinta Trail, in the West MacDonnel Ranges, a trekking adventure that will leave you speechless. Here, this is the real Australia, the rough and amazing side of nature, something that anyone visiting us should experience.
The Larapinta Trail has now become one of the top 10 walks in the world for many trekkers and there are a few companies organising the trip. If you like going on an adventure that involves walking while watching the wildlife and taking in the landscape, camping in the wild and learn more about the country you're in, don't hesitate.
The trek takes between 6 to 16 days depending on how many sections of the trail you want to do. There is nothing like walking in this ancient land, whether it is on the ridgelines of the mountain chain, or on the vast flood plains along the razorback rocky outcrops. You can really connect with the heart of the country and understand what makes Australia so special and attractive.
After your trek, you will see our country with different eyes and you will take memories with you that no other tourist attraction can provide.