I have never got tired of surfing, but every once in a while it is more than fine to check out what else the sea can bring us besides waves. It feels great to go diving the day after an exhausting surfing session. It is relaxing and yet there is tons of fun to be had in a complete different way from surfing. Plus, if you are going to spend all your savings on a surfing trip, you better make it count.

In fact, Australia is a great place for diving. Let's dive into some of my favorite places:

Yongala, Queensland

This is probably the best wreck dive on the planet. The SS Yongala is 110 emeters in size and sank a century ago. It is not uncommon to watch different kind of sharks and whales here.

Point Murat Navy Pier

Located 300 meters from Exmouth shore, this pier offers what is often considered as the best manmade diving site. The highlight of this location is its wide variety of fauna you can find; from octopi to scorpion fish or, again, sharks.

North Horn, Osprey Reef

Have I mentioned that you can easily find sharks in Australia? Up to a dozen of different types of sharks can be found here. My favorite is the hammerhead.

Cod Hole, Great Barrier Reef

Just like everybody's favorite turtle scene in Finding Nemo, but in real life. Alongside the beautiful Great Barrier Reef you'll find green turtles, gigantic cods, sea flowery, etc. Plus the water is clear!

Cocklebiddy Cave

This is the longest submerged cave in the world, with a 300 meter chamber that leads to a huge lake. Legend says that less than 100 people have ever entered this cave, and not only do you have to be a true diving master, but you must also be granted access by Western Australia's Conservation and Land Management. So, for now, we will have to settle for the stories from those who have been fortunate enough to have been there.

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