This article asks the question, ‘how do you know if relationship websites are right for me?’ and examines the sorts of people that have found love using online dating sites. Some of the single ‘types’ it examines include busy single parents, discerning and picky daters and singles struggling to meet new people in remote locations. Overall the article demonstrates that the flexible and tailored nature of online dating means that it can be an ideal match for a wide range of Australian singles.

1 in 4 Aussies know someone who has given online dating a try
If there’s one relationship trend that everyone’s talking about, it has to be online dating. Today more and more singles are discovering love via relationship sites and 1 in 4 Aussies know someone who has given online dating a try.

But despite its growing popularity, how can you really be certain that online dating is the right match for you? From busy single parents to young professionals, here is a look at some of the people who have discovered love online.
Family focused

For single parents the rush of everyday life can often feel like one constant juggling act. Between your commitments at work, organising meal-times and getting your little ones to ballet recital and soccer practice – good old fashioned me-time can feel like a thing of the past. Finding an evening to get dressed up and head out to a nightclub or attend a blind date will often seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

For busy, family-focused singles across Australia dating sites  have proven to be the perfect match. Unlike traditional dating experiences, getting to know someone online doesn’t need to disrupt your everyday schedule. This means you can view your matches whilst preparing dinner and start an icebreaker during your lunch break at work.

Picky daters

Do you have a very strict list of criteria when it comes to finding your special someone? There’s nothing wrong with being a discerning dater - after all you should never settle for less when it comes to finding love.

Online dating attracts thousands of new users every month, meaning the service comes with a huge variety of people to choose from. The online dating experience also involves filling out a detailed questionnaire in order to create your personal profile. This allows the service to match you with the right sort of suitors, based on things like your location, age, interests and core beliefs. This personalised approach helps to take the guessing game out of dating – the perfect solution for even the most picky daters.
Overcoming the distance

Australia is a country characterised by its huge and fascinating landscapes. But with all that land and space also comes a sense of isolation for many Aussies. For people living in remote towns and country villages, it’s often difficult to meet new people. Online dating has proven an excellent tool for bridging the gap and getting to know people in neighbouring towns and cities.  

Looking for love in major cities can also have its issues. Knowing where to start when dating in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney can be overwhelming due to the huge population and busy lifestyle. Online dating has helped countless people to discover other singles who share their interests and values.


For many singles the search for love can prove to be an expensive experience. Dinner, drinks and entertainment all add up, and can leave a real dent in your savings. For students, young graduates and pensioners who need to keep an eye on their budget, online dating is another great alternative.

When you sign up with a free dating service, you can start getting to know your matches without worrying about the added expense. To find out more about whether online dating is right for you, why not check out the eHarmony Google+ or Twitter page today.


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