This article asks the question, ‘how do you know if relationship websites are right for me?’ and examines the sorts of people that have found love using online dating sites. Some of the single ‘types’ it examines include busy single parents, discerning and picky daters and singles struggling to meet new people in remote locations. Overall the article demonstrates that the flexible and tailored nature of online dating means that it can be an ideal match for a wide range of Australian singles.

1 in 4 Aussies know someone who has given online dating a try
If there’s one relationship trend that everyone’s talking about, it has to be online dating. Today more and more singles are discovering love via relationship sites and 1 in 4 Aussies know someone who has given online dating a try.

But despite its growing popularity, how can you really be certain that online dating is the right match for you? From busy single parents to young professionals, here is a look at some of the people who have discovered love online.
Family focused

For single parents the rush of everyday life can often feel like one constant juggling act. Between your commitments at work, organising meal-times and getting your little ones to ballet recital and soccer practice – good old fashioned me-time can feel like a thing of the past. Finding an evening to get dressed up and head out to a nightclub or attend a blind date will often seem like more trouble than it’s worth.

For busy, family-focused singles across Australia dating sites  have proven to be the perfect match. Unlike traditional dating experiences, getting to know someone online doesn’t need to disrupt your everyday schedule. This means you can view your matches whilst preparing dinner and start an icebreaker during your lunch break at work.

Picky daters

Do you have a very strict list of criteria when it comes to finding your special someone? There’s nothing wrong with being a discerning dater - after all you should never settle for less when it comes to finding love.

Online dating attracts thousands of new users every month, meaning the service comes with a huge variety of people to choose from. The online dating experience also involves filling out a detailed questionnaire in order to create your personal profile. This allows the service to match you with the right sort of suitors, based on things like your location, age, interests and core beliefs. This personalised approach helps to take the guessing game out of dating – the perfect solution for even the most picky daters.
Overcoming the distance

Australia is a country characterised by its huge and fascinating landscapes. But with all that land and space also comes a sense of isolation for many Aussies. For people living in remote towns and country villages, it’s often difficult to meet new people. Online dating has proven an excellent tool for bridging the gap and getting to know people in neighbouring towns and cities.  

Looking for love in major cities can also have its issues. Knowing where to start when dating in Adelaide, Melbourne and Sydney can be overwhelming due to the huge population and busy lifestyle. Online dating has helped countless people to discover other singles who share their interests and values.


For many singles the search for love can prove to be an expensive experience. Dinner, drinks and entertainment all add up, and can leave a real dent in your savings. For students, young graduates and pensioners who need to keep an eye on their budget, online dating is another great alternative.

When you sign up with a free dating service, you can start getting to know your matches without worrying about the added expense. To find out more about whether online dating is right for you, why not check out the eHarmony Google+ or Twitter page today.


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I have never got tired of surfing, but every once in a while it is more than fine to check out what else the sea can bring us besides waves. It feels great to go diving the day after an exhausting surfing session. It is relaxing and yet there is tons of fun to be had in a complete different way from surfing. Plus, if you are going to spend all your savings on a surfing trip, you better make it count.

In fact, Australia is a great place for diving. Let's dive into some of my favorite places:

Yongala, Queensland

This is probably the best wreck dive on the planet. The SS Yongala is 110 emeters in size and sank a century ago. It is not uncommon to watch different kind of sharks and whales here.

Point Murat Navy Pier

Located 300 meters from Exmouth shore, this pier offers what is often considered as the best manmade diving site. The highlight of this location is its wide variety of fauna you can find; from octopi to scorpion fish or, again, sharks.

North Horn, Osprey Reef

Have I mentioned that you can easily find sharks in Australia? Up to a dozen of different types of sharks can be found here. My favorite is the hammerhead.

Cod Hole, Great Barrier Reef

Just like everybody's favorite turtle scene in Finding Nemo, but in real life. Alongside the beautiful Great Barrier Reef you'll find green turtles, gigantic cods, sea flowery, etc. Plus the water is clear!

Cocklebiddy Cave

This is the longest submerged cave in the world, with a 300 meter chamber that leads to a huge lake. Legend says that less than 100 people have ever entered this cave, and not only do you have to be a true diving master, but you must also be granted access by Western Australia's Conservation and Land Management. So, for now, we will have to settle for the stories from those who have been fortunate enough to have been there.
The Internet has plenty of lists talking about the most dangerous waves in the world or the best beaches to practice surfing. I recommend having a look at these links because you will find incredible information about surfing.

I have a passion for surfing; I have experience and I know that it’s a bit annoying for those people who are starting in this sport or have experience practising it but they are still not ready to face an important wave, to see videos of other people just surfing the most incredible waves.

This is the reason I have decided to write about 5 beaches which have good waves, but not the best, for those people who are still learning the art of surfing.


This village is located in the North of Spain, in the Basque Country and it is one of the most famous places in Europe to surf waves.

You’ll find plenty of professional surfers, who I’m sure, will be able to teach you how to surf a good wave. There you will find waves from 2-3 metres- an ideal size!

Fistral Beach, Newquay, England

Cold weather, but great waves to start with. It’s the surf capital of the west of England. They have a very good school of surf with excellent facilities and equipment.

Gold Coast, Australia

Of course, Australia. Gold Coast is a big region of Queensland. It’s a tourist destination and an ideal place if you love the subtropical climate.

You will find here some beaches; some of them are good enough for beginners and others like Superbank, a Gold Coast region, for advance suffers.

Bundoran Beach, County Dondegal, Ireland

It’s located in the North-West of Ireland. It hasn’t had a deep tradition of surfing, but in later times the surfing passion has increased significantly in this area.
Fulong Beach, Taiwan

Waves range from one to two meters here. It’s a sandy beach and has clear waters suitable for sailing, surfing or windsurfing.

Spanish is a beautiful sounding language and it can help you speak to the locals in some fascinating countries. Whilst there are many different ways to learn a language, in my view one of the best ways to really get to grips with the vocabulary and grammar as fast as you can is by surrounding yourself with its speech, culture and people. My dream destination would be Spain itself, and here’s why...

1. It fits into the bigger picture

It’s perfectly possible to take a trip around the world taking in manySpanish speaking countries. My first stop would be Spain to get a good grounding in the language at a language school such as Clic ( moving on to try out my speaking skills on the South American continent. What a trip!

2.To meet the friendly people 

Aussies are well known for being welcoming to their visitors, and, so I’ve heard, the Spanish are also known for their friendly manner. 

Spain is not short of places to let your hairdown and make some new friends. As a surf-lover, my pick has to be San Miguel Pro in Zarautz, Basque country, where I’d be chilling out with the locals each evening after hours of surf watching. I wouldn’t mind getting involved in the Tomatina festival, as well – tomato throwing sounds like a good way to have fun and make friends!

3.To get immersed in historic culture

Spain’s architectural and artistic wealth can be traced back to the many phases of its history. The different regions have each experienced their own chapters.

From the Islamic influences of the Andalucían cities, to the stunning Roman remains at Tarragonaand onwards to the cultural offerings of present day Spanish artists, these surroundings make fora unique classroom. 
4. It’s many countries in one

Although many outsiders view Spain as one country, it is in fact compiled of many regions, each with their own customs, identity, and some of them even have their own language.

For those who take Spanish courses in Spain, Castilian Spanish is most likely to be the language taught. There are also other Spanish languages, including Catalan spoken in Catalonia and Basque in the Basque Country.

Taking the train between regions is a great way of finding out about the contrasts between them. At each stop you’ll discover something new.

5. The romantic cities

Don’t get me wrong, Australia has its fair share of gorgeous cities, from glamorousSydney to gentrified Adelaide to outdoor-loving Perth. But the thought of spending the morning in a Spanish class in inner city Barcelona before heading to the coast for a sunny afternoon on its Mediterranean beach sounds like a really exotic change to home.

Spain is a country blessed with gorgeous cities. My other top picks are:


Known the world over for its orange-lined streets, visit this city to experience some laid-back living.


This is a bustling artistic and commercial centre with scorching summer temperatures.

San Sebastian

Heading northwards, this coastal city is the place to enjoy delicious snacks called pintxo.

Spain is a dream destination because it has so many different features to please any visitor. Its character as a nation and the character of its peoplemake it perfectly suited to those wishing to learn and perfect their Spanish. 

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General information about Spain to help you 
Australia's economy is majorly boosted through tourism. People from all over the world come for a taste of life down under. And I don't blame them when they're surrounded by such beauty! Here are some of my favourite locations in Australia.

The Twelve Apostles

Port Campbell National Park, by the Great Ocean Road in Victoria

Claustral Canyon

Mt Tomah, NSW

Lord Howe Island

Tasman Sea (between Australia and New Zealand)

Glasshouse Mountains


Tasman Island

A forest in Tasman Island, Tasmania

Wave Rock

Western Australia

Uluru-Ayers Rock

Northern Territory
Haz clic aquí When living in another country, making friends can be tricky, let alone meeting potential partners. Australia’s laid-back energy and beautiful scenery, however, makes it the perfect place to meet new people and start dating. If you have just moved to Australia, here are some top tips for meeting people and finding love:
Be bold

Aussies are generally very friendly, laid back and willing to chat. Head to a local bar or café and try to strike up a conversation, whether with the guy behind the counter or the one next to you reading a newspaper. Greet them with a polite “How ya going?” You’ll probably find you end up chatting for a while and, who knows, you may even be pleasantly surprised by how much you have in common.

Get to know the locals

It’s a good idea to establish good relationships with your locals from the off. That way you will feel a part of the community and have access to a social network. This is a great way to meet new people, as you are likely to be introduced to their family and friends, and friends of friends – who knows who you may hit it off with?

Get active
Aussies are very sporty, and taking part in sporting activities can be an ideal way to meet someone. Get out on the waves together with your surfing buddy, go on a trek through the bush with a group of adventurers, or go snorkeling in the Great Barrier Reef. These will be great bonding experiences and will give you plenty to talk about.

Go online

There are plenty of online opportunities, as well. By signing up to sites like Meet Up, you can find out about all sorts of activities and social groups that take place in your area. This is a good way to meet people with similar interests to yours.

If you’re looking for love but you’re uncertain about how it all works in Australia, there is also plenty of dating and relationship advice online when it comes to figuring out us Aussies.


If you’ve just moved to the land Down Under – whether for work, study, or simply as a personal choice – and you’re looking for someone to go out with, try out some of these tips and you should be meeting singles in no time.

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To discover best of my beautiful country, you need to take a walk in the countryside, away from the city in where is the heart of Australia. One of the most known and finest australian walks is the Larapinta Trail, in the West MacDonnel Ranges, a trekking adventure that will leave you speechless. Here, this is the real Australia, the rough and amazing side of nature, something that anyone visiting us should experience.
The Larapinta Trail has now become one of the top 10 walks in the world for many trekkers and there are a few companies organising the trip. If you like going on an adventure that involves walking while watching the wildlife and taking in the landscape, camping in the wild and learn more about the country you're in, don't hesitate.
The trek takes between 6 to 16 days depending on how many sections of the trail you want to do. There is nothing like walking in this ancient land, whether it is on the ridgelines of the mountain chain, or on the vast flood plains along the razorback rocky outcrops. You can really connect with the heart of the country and understand what makes Australia so special and attractive.
After your trek, you will see our country with different eyes and you will take memories with you that no other tourist attraction can provide.
Turimetta Beach, Australia
I left my home country in search of new opportunities, exciting stories and lots of interesting, funny company. I found that all- and I'm still going!
Right now I'm in England, whilst I plan my next move I've decided to get online and start blogging more. So I thought I could only write about the place I know best: Australia!

So, welcome, my new friend :-) I hope you enjoy the blog as much as I'll enjoy making it!